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Loxury Zen Lounge

Welcome to Loxury Zen Lounge, where tranquility meets luxury in the art of locs. Our serene studio offers a spa-like experience, dedicated to providing you with exceptional locking services in a peaceful and mindful environment. Here, we believe that beauty and relaxation go hand in hand, and our skilled locticians are committed to ensuring that every visit is a rejuvenating retreat.


At Loxury Zen Lounge, we weave zen into every loc, infusing each service with intention and positivity. From the moment you step into our tranquil space, you'll feel the calming ambiance designed to help you unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. Our luxurious approach to locs ensures that you leave feeling refreshed, beautiful, and at peace.


Experience the perfect blend of mindfulness and luxury at Loxury Zen Lounge. Whether you're here for a simple retightening or a complete transformation of starting your loc journey, Aymanie, expert locticians will guide you through a journey of relaxation and renewal. Come and discover the ultimate loc experience that awaits you.

"Your thoughts shape your words, and your words shape your actions. Before touching the crown of someone's head, let positivity and mindfulness guide every thought, word, and action, for they leave an imprint that echoes beyond measure."
Aymanie Nelson


Welcome to Loxury Zen Lounge, where luxury meets mindfulness, and every loc is treated with intention and care. At Loxury Zen Lounge, we believe that hair care is more than just a service; it's an experience. Our tranquil space offers a spa-like atmosphere where you can unwind and immerse yourself in peace and positivity.


Loxury Zen Lounge is the brainchild of Aymanie, a visionary in the world of locs and the founder and CEO of Enerlocks. With a passion for innovation and a deep commitment to mindfulness, Aymanie has transformed the loc care experience. She holds a patent for the Enerlocks locking tool, a revolutionary device that has changed the game for locticians worldwide, cutting retightening time in half and enhancing comfort for both locticians and clients.


Loxury Zen Lounge is a rebrand from RYL Locking Studios, Roc Your Locs, and The Beaute Room. This transformation reflects Aymanie’s personal and professional growth, aligning her business with her own journey of self-discovery and expansion. Our new identity embodies the zen, luxury, and tranquility that define our approach to loc care.


At Loxury Zen Lounge, we are dedicated to providing luxurious locking services in a serene and positive environment. Our expert locticians are trained to perform each service with mindfulness and precision, ensuring that every client leaves feeling inspired, uplifted, and beautiful. We weave zen into every loc, creating a holistic experience that nourishes both hair and soul.


In line with our commitment to providing the highest level of care, Aymanie now maintains a very intimate and exclusive client list, offering premium services to a selected group. This allows us to focus on delivering personalized, top-tier care in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Additionally, our exclusive clients and sometimes subscribers are invited to join our Destination Retightening Experiences. We travel to different scenic locations where Aymanie offers retightening services with breathtaking views, infusing each session with adventure and serenity.


Our client-friends are at the heart of everything we do. Many have shared that their time at Loxury Zen Lounge is more than a hair appointment—it’s a rejuvenating retreat. They walk away feeling at peace, inspired, and, of course, looking beautiful. We are proud to offer a sanctuary where you can reclaim your time, relax, and emerge renewed.

Join us at Loxury Zen Lounge and discover the ultimate in mindful, luxurious loc care. Experience the tranquility, embrace the luxury, and feel the difference.

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